from:  Sanghi <>
to:  Ola Cabs <>
date:  Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 5:47 PM
subject:  Re: Harrasment and Compensation by Olacabs, A great expereince worth sharing

GuysI never knew that any company can compensate as high as INR 300 for a harassment and torture like the one I received that too at 3:30AM with a bonus of missed flight. As I earlier said problem was more on hiding the facts and not revealing the truth to customers. Humble request to you to kindly take back this credit of “INR300″ so that I atleast do not feel guilty about accepting it.

One more thing, on 22nd November mobile booking (CRN 16785204) around which the entire conversation started, when the call center guys created a new booking when the driver goofed up, I am told this afternoon that 50/50 offer did not apply because it was a telephone booking… isn’t it funny??? I had to spend 5 minutes to the gentleman explaining the case because he could relate it.

Another Incidence you must follow is what happened to CRN number 16003898, with in a span of 3-5 minutes (I assume) cab was changed 3 times… Do you thinks customers can be taken for granted always?

On a separate note, I wrote about the quality of cabs, quality of associated drivers, irregularities a week ago as well. PDF of my complaint and response is attached, which indicates How (non)serious you  guys are about the customer feedback. No one even tried to understand what happened and why.

I would expect that atleast the keywords like bad experience, poor quality shall be scanned with in freshdesk or any other CRM software you use and QA managers and COO shall read them carefully. Sending such a stupid response is no good.

I pushed one of my friends to start using Ola and offlate he gave me a feedback that cab didn’t turn up in the morning hours.

I have experienced Uber last week and I must agree that they are far better in overall experience.
1. Driver did not call me and asked for the address (As and when Ola fleet is growing, the training and culture of Ola is not communicated properly,I guess)
2. The driver did not sound sleepy at 6:00 AM in the morning and was not feeling like doing a favor to us by offering his service. (Ola drivers these days are too tired most of the times)
3. Quality of the cab was “5Star”and I mean it. I will rate Ola cabs these day in 2-3 star rating.
4. Behavior of driver was customer centric. No bad expressions or irritating reactions. Understand that what as a customer I am seeking starting from the temperature to the driving speed etc. (with ola drivers, they dont want to listed to what we say. if driver feels it is cold, he refrains from switching on the the AC)
5. Knew/understood the language preference and hence was a smooth sail for me.
May be this was the first ride and future experiences may not be good but this is something which I wanted to share with you guys. If I compare, Uber rates much higher.


One of the very early customers of Ola, I would say!!

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 12:08 PM, Ola Cabs <> wrote:

Dear Vivek,
Thanks for writing in we are really sorry to hear this.
We are sorry about the delayed response. We regret the inconvenience caused.
However we ensure that your future bookings with Ola are delightful.
If there’s anything else we can help you with, please feel free to contact us on 3355 3355 (please add your city code before the number). You can also drop us an email at
M.Kanaka Rathna
Customer Support
r further

On Sat, 22 Nov at 2:11 pm , Sanghi <> wrote:

‎Dear compensation expert team
Thanks a ton, but I am not a begger seeking 300rs.
It was a complete disaster and 90 minutes‎ of torture.
‎Please take this credit back as I am not happy with the overall experience.
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From: Ola Cabs
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2014 12:37 PM
Reply To: Ola Cabs
Subject: Re:
Dear Vivek,
 Thank you for contacting Olacabs.
This email regards to your complaint on booking reference number CRN16785204.
We are extremely sorry about all the hassle you have gone through for the booking.
We have taken strict steps against driver and any such behavior will not be tolerated.
We do not want any of our customers to face such inconvenience. I know that when a situation like this arises, it hampers the relationship between you and us. The team at Ola regrets what happened and is working on everything possible to ensure situations like these are minimized.
What happened cannot be changed and we apologize for the mishap; however, we want to nurture our relationship and work on strengthening it.
Also I’m happy to inform you that we have credited Rs.300/- to your Ola money account, you can use the credit by booking a city taxi on our website, mobile app or just call us from your registered mobile 9500069296 number, we will have the adjustments done automatically in our system.
We look forward to have you on board soon and we will ensure that your future bookings with Ola are delightful.
If there’s anything else we can help you with, please feel free to contact us on 3355 3355 (please add your city code before the number). You can also drop us an email at
M.Kanaka Rathna
Customer Support

On Sat, 22 Nov at 9:43 am , Sanghi <> wrote:

See attached,  Booking done on app.
Bigger Problem and upsetting was dishonest communication.
At 3:50 AM,  I was told driver is on the way.  At least if you would have told me that make ur own arrangement,  I could have done something.

On Nov 22, 2014 9:20 AM, “Ola Cabs” <> wrote:

Hi Sanghi,
At Ola, we take feedback very seriously and would like to dig deeper on what went wrong with your experience. We are unable to trace your booking ID (CRN) with us  against available details.
Request you to share your CRN, which was texted and emailed to you on booking confirmation. Additionally, please share the email ID and mobile number you had used to make this booking which will help us get back to you at the earliest with a resolution.
Customer support